Letter From The Editors

Dear beloved readers,

At Pearson we oftentimes have casual, and yet extremely meaningful conversations about our lives, our cultures, and our countries. However, these conversations are sometimes lost in the whirlwind of Pearson life, and relegated to our distant memories. We wanted to create a space for these conversations to flourish with more permanence than ever. The articles in this publication will come from the members of our community, including students, teachers, staff and alumni. However, it is important to remember that the opinions presented in these articles belong to the individual writers, and do not necessarily represent the views of the College as a whole.

During Covid times, connection is so important – we want to convey the connections we make and the ones we develop at Pearson. This theme promotes the exploration of stories, ideas, and even planets we have never before seen. In many ways, this collection of pieces explores the untouched and unknown. It is our stories of connection, hidden, and lesser known in the mainstream narrative, that will fuel this publication. A publication dedicated to making the political, personal. And of course, in the most literal sense, to connect ourselves with you. Please enjoy.


With love from your managing editors,

Lili, Cristina, and Farzona