March 1st, 2022 – Mardi Gras


Today was one of those days, in which everything seems to have its own place. 


If you are new to this show you will think of this day as one of the basic and perhaps, as one that most sticks to the routine. However, it is not the case if you are an old viewer. 


Today, as normal, the schedule seemed to be unknown for half of the population of this place, including the adults who designed it. 


The classes passed slowly, and I almost went late to math class. 


Sorry Arno for having closed my eyes while you were speaking about the quadratic equation, I bet that it will be in the final exam. 


I have two free blocks instead of one because one of the teachers has possible Covid symptoms, and I cannot stop amazing myself over how normal it is now – the life on campus with this virus. 


A year ago this would have been impossible to imagine.


Caf food is as usual pretty peculiar, and the hallways of the house smell as usual too, of noodles and sweat. 


I lost two hours of sleep zapping on my Instagram feed, and I called my dad while having in the background the scream of the humans that I like to call the kids.


Like in the last two terms, the feeling of missing home is stuck in my throat after seeing how much my house has changed since I left.



this time, 

as usual too in the last two terms, 

this feeling did not stick in me for a long time. 


It is only necessary to leave my room 

and see the chaos on the upper floor, 

to remember:

this is also home


People yelling,

constant messiness 

and the easy laugh for anything, 

made me say bye to the nostalgia.


I help to cook with Syméon,

while hanging out in the kitchen of the Gatari’s, 

people join us,

It is something that in Teki House never lacks: 

people with good hearts,

and an insatiable appetite. 


Soon the habitual disaster starts again.


I run from the crowd, 

and I ended up finding Cadie and chatting about nonsense,

I walked with her to pick up her stuff from the library.


And the warmth in my chest did not stop but grow and grow. 


This is also home, I thought.


Back in the kitchen, 

Chloe hummed the horrible lyric of a song

that made everyone laugh.


The happiness of my new friendship with her brings more warmth to the equation.


This is also home.


My refusal for the French language continues but lessens now,

I only needed a playlist on Spotify to find it nice.


The waves of laughter of the kids are impossible to ignore while a small chat with Angela and Hinga is held.


This is also home.


An hour of my life happen without any relevance, 

until I find myself sitting in the tiny furniture outside the showers, 

in the sketchy bathroom of the house.


Deep and small conversations happen while people come and go,

jokes and cringe memories are part of it,

and the sense of belonging that Kim always talks about in class starts to resonate with me.


This is also home.


While annoying my two favourite blondes on the top floor,

it reminds me of how good the dynamic between siblings feels,

and officially my hate for the tall people is a thing of the past,

forgotten after the prank ended been against me.


Some punches take part in the interaction,

and maybe one or two complaints are omitted 

while my mind thinks again:

This is also home. 


It only took me a year, 

for me to

finally figure out that 


in the northern hemisphere,

I built my own home.


One really chaotic

but beautiful,


but kind,

loud but in where everyone hears each other.


From scratch,

a bunch of weirdos

ended finding each other,


even having different materials to build 

the walls of this house,

we ended up building a family.


It is not like I am used to,

but the feeling is the same.


This is also home,

I built it. 

Aylen Martinez

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