Before coming to Pearson College UWC the international boarding school I currently attend, the people who selected me to come here, my national committee, told me that it was going to be the best two years of my life, and they were right. With every second that I am here, whether I am miserable or I am jumping for joy, it has all been worth it, and I feel as though I am exactly where I am meant to be. I never imagined that I would be able to connect with myself and the people around me in the ways I’ve done. Through language, sharing different perspectives, and dance I have been able to form and strengthen these connections. My learning has happened well beyond the classroom, from countless stories, smiles, ways of seeing life, and riding the rollercoaster of emotions you get when living away from home. Being surrounded by people full of passion and inspiration makes every moment invaluable.

I admit that here I have experienced every emotion possible. From the happiness of parties, open mic nights (musical cafes), cultural sharing days to the grey cloud of drinking tea to the sadness of heartbreak, extreme stress, or daily frustrations, I laughed for hours, and I have cried for nights. I confess that some days I wanted to give up, and other days I wanted to take in every part of my experience. There are days that I want to lock myself in the library studying, and other days, where I simply want to watch the sunset from the dock. Some days I want to watch Netflix, and others I want to go a run to my favourite spot. Some days I want to stay in my room, and others I want to go see the stars. And, I confess that there are times when connecting with yourself can prove to be challenging, because of how busy a place like Pearson is. While, lowering Pearson’s noise and listening to yourself can be difficult, in the end, I think we learn to connect more with ourselves and others by being in a place that challenges us challenges to us to go and explore our own emotions that we lived intensely. Though many wish this emotional rollercoaster simply did not exist, I confess that I love it. It helps me grow and make me stronger. I think those that are experiencing ups and downs should not shy away from what they are feeling. Too many of us leave when it gets tough and, though it may work in the short run, we will not be able to do this forever. We need to learn to understand ourselves and communicate our feelings. Once we know how to face our own ups and downs we can begin to help solve the ups and downs of the world. Nowadays we’ve forgotten how to communicate with others, but it all stems from our inability to communicate with ourselves. So,  Jump into your emotions and see how to become better, more powerful, more in tune with who you are.

Pearson is very intense, but even with that said, I still cannot fully describe or even comprehend the gift that is this opportunity. This place may be crazy, but I am glad to have so many memories. I’m glad to experience the lows because they make the highs ever more memorable.

Sofia Torres Mendez

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  • asia says:

    yes sofia!! i love you!! life is beautiful!!

  • Liliana Rojas says:

    Excelente la forma como estás viviendo tu experiencia.

  • Francisco Nicolás Mármol says:

    Sofi ,me resulta alucinante que ustedes ,a tan corta edad ,tengan lo que hoy en día no tienen
    Muchos abuelitos ,bellas experiencia que contar ,para hacer soñar a las futura juventud de la generación entrante .
    Sofi sigue disfrutando que en nombre de Jesús
    Tu vuelo será de largo aliento
    Bendiciones y saludos.