Dear Body,


Tell us just once:

How can your legs pedal 30 kilometers, but your feet can’t even run two miles?

How can we decide to sleep at 10 and you can’t fall asleep until 12?

How can sometimes your hands write such beautiful things and your mouth say such horrible words?

How can some delicious food make you feel so bad?

How can your brain make all those connections but you can’t prevent yourself from destroying your very own essential cells?

How can the medication that’s keeping you alive, make you swell like that?

How can you be so bad at your job that you need to rely on technology?

How can you make us feel so alive and so close to death at the same time?

How can you make us want to love you as much as to hate you?

Why can’t you just do what you’re supposed to?

Sincerely yours,
Mind and soul


Juliette Benoit

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