“What should I do?” he asked. Last night, she slept late, she was busy battling her own demons. ▪︎ HUMMINGBIRDS▪︎ he recalled, especially the female once, that had no striking feathers to display, that’s how she has been for him, probably he tells to himself of what he has seen.

“What do I change for her, what can I do?” irritatingly he yelled. After all, it’s been months and she is still silent, he estimates the number of times she has hidden emotions from him. ▪︎A GRAY TREE FROG ▪︎ he remembered, that hides behind a rough stone, that’s what he assumes about her.

“Am I not good enough?” he asked. It’s been a while, and he starts toxically counting the good deeds he has presented her and even though it all feels no help to her. Suddenly he gets a call to his mind, ▪︎CUTE PENGUIN▪︎ however of no ability to kill their prey, unless he feels her.

“Let’s end it,” eventually what came out of his ever-holding tongue.

[So he went to the same old playschool park, where it all began, he had called her for a meet up]

《Her elegant entrance made the grasses swirl for him, flashing his eyes, was a flashback from the same park, that had once taken his heart with that same spark.》

  • Swaying away his thoughts, he beeps her a greet, “H-iii”, avoiding eye contact, mumbling down his throat; says swiftly: ” I know I am too childish, but I desperately want you to answer me three questions!” •

▪︎Following his ever fast eyebrows, she Chuckles, putting her fingers across his confused face, sliding it gently down to his lips, whispers, “Sweetheart, Your lips already have the answer to everything, what’s unknown?” ▪︎

  • Starts crying his heart out, “Unknown is your lonely nights, demons you fight, without keeping me insight, Unknown are the silences you still hide, and unknown is your plight!”•

▪︎Her hands on his shoulder, wiping his tears, she answers, “Neither I nor you will be ever be known of them, Today it’s you, tweaked by them, Tomorrow will be me, there are some battles that are fought alone!” ▪︎

  • Rubbing his eyes he asked, “Then isn’t love a useless thing?”•

▪︎She ends it with a 3/4th smirk,” Darling love isn’t mean to discover the unknown, love isn’t solving mysteries, love is the triumph of your battles, it’s shared victory that often has ‘Defeat’ as its prize; and listen to your cute sentimental face, Our love is history, and histories are not meant to be changed!!”▪︎

■ Heavy rains start but from eyes, shoulders hold each other tight, Arms enclose each other, and hearts are smoothly attached■

——-The End——

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