March 2019

Not My Cup Of Tea: Lies In The British Education System

You’d think GCSEs should be unbiased, seeing how every 16 year old in England needs…

Hiding In Plain Sight: Powerful Women From Today And History

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This story will be prefaced with a feature interview with our mayor, Lisa Helps. 

Introduction to the interviewee: Mayor Lisa Helps’ time in office has been defined by a bravery and unrelenting dedication to tangible political solutions which is rare in Canadian municipal politics. With a background in activism and community organizing, Helps’ brings a refreshing competence to the table. With a collaborative piece of incredible and powerful women throughout history, we thought we would start with a modern day example, and an example close to home. So, during the month we sat down with Helps to catalogue her bold career in politics for our March Issue Cover. Below is the transcribed interview with slight edits for flow.

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