Let It Happen

As I flip through pages of my old journal beside me,
And inhale the scent of tears and daydreams,
I find emotions in disguise letting my heart soften,
And words swinging by that now feel so foreign.

And, with these fragile thoughts in front of my eyes,
My mind can’t help but realise:
Part of being unfree was feeling my entire world around me
Paint freedom to be a world I’d never want to see.

But, while it does get easy to drown in the chaos of the week,
Or the knowledge that freedom is, in fact, bittersweet,
It stands true that I’ve never felt anything quite like this before,
Like the colours of the sky are truly my own.

So I let myself soak the spirit all in,
And keep myself alive with the warmth that blooms within.
My head might decide to make a mess of things again,
And to that, I’ll say:

Jo bhi ho so ho.
If it happens, let it happen.

Siya Motwani

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