Justin Trudeau has objectively and undoubtedly been Canada’s most progressive and effective leader yet. A man of many faces and cultural attires, Mr. Trudeau’s genuine effort to look like someone who relates to the average honest and hardworking Canadian has created many, many, fond photographic memories for Canada’s people to bond and maybe even crack a nostalgic smile over. Thus, to celebrate Mr. Trudeau’s first 4 years of bringing Canada into an age of Liberal enlightenment, and in the spirit of this issue’s theme being “political diaries”, I have compiled a brief memoir of Justin Trudeau’s most iconic moments.

Trudeau: Fighting Inequality on The Campaign Trail

Justin Trudeau’s political journey from humble drama teacher to Canadian progressive icon did not happen without hardships. Above, Justin Trudeau in 2012 training at work to take on the position of head of The Liberal party in 2013. After defeating conservative senator Patrick Brazeau, Mr. Trudeau continued to work hard and train every day so that in 2015 he was able to kick the unprogressive and unphotogenic fogey, Stephen Harper, off of Parliament Hill in order to assume the role of Prime-Minister.


 Trudeau: Hard at Work

Once Justin Trudeau got into Public office, it became rarer and rarer to find Trudeau in his office. At a LGBTQ+ pride parade, Trudeau is seen casually enjoying his day amongst the people, as well as an excellent opportunity to make marketable Canadian memories.


Trudeau: On The Job

A day in the life of a progressive Prime-Minister. In 2017 Justin Trudeau was conveniently spotted and photographed on the Vancouver waterfront running behind a gaggle of promgoers. Justin Trudeau has established himself as a man of the people, and he currently is the only Prime-Minister on record to have been photographed working and training amongst the masses in such a fashion.


Trudeau: A Beacon of Enlightenment

A Hallmark of Mr. Trudeau’s term in office has been his trademark elegant style when it comes to international diplomacy and foreign affairs. During a visit to India in 2018 (as seen above), Trudeau blended so flawlessly into the local Indian scene that India’s Prime-Minister, Narendra Modi, didn’t even realize that the handsome young Indian man was actually the Leader of the Dominion of Canada in disguise! As such, Mr. Modi was hesitant to extend a concrete dinner invitation to Trudeau and his activist friend, Jaspal Atwal. Nonetheless, Mr. Trudeau’s trip to India was a resounding success due to the Canadian message of cultural understanding that he was able to spread through the photographic memories that he made while he was there.


Trudeau: Sustainable Activist

Mr. Trudeau has made it well known that he is an agent of sustainable change. At a recent Montreal climate strike, Trudeau could be seen proudly protesting against corrupt and apathetic lawmakers on Parliament Hill who have hesitated time and time again to pass effective bills that would reduce Canada’s climate impact. Both a love of the idea of positive change and a strong intolerance for inefficient and posturing governments have been hallmarks of Justin Trudeau’s style.


Trudeau: Relating to The Common Man

While Justin Trudeau may appear to be an all-powerful bringer of peace, equality, and prosperity, down inside he’s just one of us. Above, Justin was caught enjoying some male bonding with a fellow working Canadian over a pint at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo. Trudeau’s ability to mimic the humanity of others is what separates him from his Prime Minister predecessors, and makes him an endearing hero for the people of Canada to rally behind.


Trudeau: Seeking Reconciliation

While Mr. Trudeau is an expert at abolishing racial stereotypes and multicultural divides abroad through his foreign policy, he also is an expert at bridging age-old racial and societal divides on the home front. In the above photo, Justin Trudeau reconciles with the entire Indigenous race of people for the Canadian Government’s stealing of their land and committing of atrocities against their population by placing he, the representative of the Canadian Government, front and center in selfies at Indigenous rights conferences and Indigenous ceremonies. This act of governmental humility and understanding shows the Indigenous peoples that the Canadian government has nothing more to gain from them, and only wants to good-naturedly aid in the restoration of their culture.


Trudeau: Out With Friends

Justin Trudeau can owe much of his political success to his amazing circle of friends and connections. Justin, pictured above with his good friend and former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould, was happy to offer Wilson-Raybould some friendly advice on how to handle an ethics commission investigation into Trudeau’s sharing of government contracts with another good friend, the SNC Lavalin engineering and construction firm. Mr. Trudeau is a very effective maker of “friends.”


Trudeau: Canadian Film Icon


Mr. Trudeau’s firm commitment to activism can be traced back to his early career as a Canadian film sensation. This is most apparent through his work on the 2001 hit film, Aladdin, where Trudeau starred alongside notable American actor Will Smith as the cheerful protagonist from Arabian Nights, after which the film was named. Trudeau shattered racial divides and societal norms when he became the first Caucasian actor to take on that role in any live-action adaptation of the classic tale. Let’s hope that Mr. Trudeau lives the spirit of progressiveness that got him where he is today throughout the election season and into his next glorious term in Ottawa!

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