June 13, 2020, Saturday – Extremely sunny

Today I went to the wet market for the first time with Mom and Dad, mainly for vegetables and fruits. Watermelons are a must at this season. Some delicious mangoes are also on our list for today. At the market, I’m responsible for carrying all the bags of produce that we’d purchase.

We brought a lot of vegetables, but I found the process of picking them especially interesting and worthy of recording here. We bought some mangoes, a box of strawberries, and two watermelons. I wanted my parents to purchase some citrus, as they looked quite perfect, with a delicious hue of orange and appealing shine in their skin. My parents rejected the idea, however, and I learned that these oranges are preserved in chemicals and waxed, which gave them the perfect outlook. But on the inside, they’re actually stale and stringy.

On the other hand, some of the carrots we purchased were the most unappealing that I’ve ever seen. They were wrinkled and covered in dirt. I wouldn’t have touched them if I didn’t have to help bag them. However, the wrinkles and dirt, while grotesque, were actually good signs. Mom explained that they were signs that they were grown more organically and healthier.

The same phenomenon occurred for the watermelons. Apparently, the ugly webbing that some have are actually signs that they are ripe and sweet, the same goes for the spot at the bottom of the melon. I detested these melons’ ugly spots. Turns out, these imperfections are actually great signs. Dad even actively looks for them when he’s picking out watermelons.


Looking back on this journal entry, I realized that this was just one of the many lessons I learned at that time period. These lessons tie into one central lesson: sometimes, flaws are actually perfect imperfections. Not always, but some of the most wonderful things appear to be flaws at first.


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