My Pearson Application Creative Submission, and what it really means: 

I’m sure you would love to hear that this painting had an extreme healing effect on me, or that it has 400 layers of symbolism built into it, but alas, this is not the case. The only true significance of this painting is how it made me understand the creative process. 

This painting was my creative component submission for the Pearson College application. Its only requirement was that the submission creatively represent the applicant. I spent months prior to submitting this painting dwelling on the expectation of the submission, and wondering how I could possibly visually represent my whole personality in a 2 dimensional image. I mean, how could anyone do this? In this mindset, I made no headway whatsoever. It was when I got up one Saturday in a heap, laid out my paint set over my messy floor, and actually started to paint, that any progress actually happened. I spent 8 hours painting that day. 8 straight hours of having no idea what I was going to paint, while simultaneously applying colours to the canvas. I had no expectations of what I wanted my end product to be, yet after the 8 hours, I knew that my piece was completed and that it had fulfilled the exact requirements that I was trying to achieve. This is the creative process. Although I didn’t plan it before or during the painting, every single brushstroke on the painting represented exactly how I was feeling at the time of production: tired, stressed, probably emotional (angsty, I know), but also at ease. I could go into intense details on how each shape and colour represents me, but that wouldn’t make sense, because none of it was planned. Thus, I leave you to figure it out for yourself, in your own personal rendition. 

So no, there was no magical sense of healing through this painting, and no, there is no deliberate symbolism in it either. This painting serves as an example of the authenticity of the subconscious mind, and the importance that it plays in art.

Jessica Weiland

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