It’s said,
Love is such a powerful feeling,
It sprouts, germinate, and nurtures itself,
Then blooms into a beautiful thing,
From one’s perspective,
an achievement.
But to others an act of madness;
Thus comes a derailed, weak but important wail
In quest of affection, we have traveled the world,
As of decades, the struggles continue
I am chaotic but a mystery.
From the tree of memory;
we embrace the kind of love that is unconditional,
Not only for oneself but also for all humankind.
There is more to life than the eyes can see,
Through thick and thin they achieve joy
Isn’t the appreciation of passion rooted naturally in humans?
For I would say give honor where its due
They are all but secrets of beings.
I am chaotic but a mystery.
Floating from this partial space,
Secrets of this life I ponder,
For I am young but old in thoughts,
Isn’t that;
We desire to be loved,
but we’re not willing to give that kind of love to anyone.
We do everything to alienate the ones we love,
We ought to believe that to love is to expose our weaknesses,
We get to be vulnerable but all these feelings are in our thoughts.
Thus,I wonder if love is a thought.
I am chaotic but a mystery.

Amour Thuch

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