He’s not only a man

He is a force of nature

He is the light that warms my heart

My sky, my sun and my stars


He’s not only a man

And if you could only see through my eyes,

And understand

Understand the pleasure, the security, the belonging


He’s not only a man

He is a home

A shelter from cold lonely bed sheets

A sanctuary from all the loud voices of the world around you

A shield made of love and care


He’s not only a man 

Why can’t you see


He’s an angel

The fallen angel. 

Without a halo, a wingless angel.


But still a bright force.

A force that sweeps the hearts of every doomed person who dares to look him in the eyes


And oh, those eyes.


An immense forest that the autumn got the best of it

A forest that the brightest adventurer will get lost in 


And only those who truly believe

Can take the stars in the forest’s night sky to guide them.

Guide them to a cave surrounded by beating carvings of all the victims that’ve been here.


I took a deep breath

And I imparted

With all the power vested in me, I pronounced myself a prisoner to this cave. 




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