February 2019

The Myth of “Positive Stereotypes”

They tell us we are smart. Hardworking. Studious. Naturally good at maths and sciences.
February 2019

Filling Up Space

An article about the Earth, the stars, and what we make of the empty space…


By | February 2019

My reflections on how it feels to be an American abroad in such a turbulent time. It is by no means a stretch to say that the United States is in a tumultuous time right now. The whole world feels the reverberations of the massive shockwaves that hit the American public each day. When other countries experience the repercussions of these shockwaves, they go searching for the root of the issue. The root of the issue is, of course: Americans. Those darn ignorant Americans who elected an idiot into office and now seem surprised at the outcome. Oh, he was serious about that whole wall thing? I thought that was just over-compensation for his small… hands.

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February 2019

Get Political!

As I’ve wrapped my head around the dire warnings of the latest IPCC report, I…
February 2019

A Societal Suppressant

Everyone knows that alcohol and drugs are dangerous. We hear about the havoc they can…
February 2019

There Is No Such Thing As A Need

Dear Mike, Now that it’s second term, I would love to spend more time with…
February 2019

The Abandoned Ones

On many occasions, the scenes we see and the repetitive faces we observe are the…