Dear Canadian Justice System ,

You say that you uphold justice

Yet not justice for all?

When you claim that you’re the law

But I can’t tell which side you’re on.

From everything I saw

It feels like you’re the outlaws.

The law is not determined

By your race, status, or skin color.

The law is not determined

By how much the RCMP like you.

The law is not determined

By whether you put your hands on the steering wheel.

The law is not determined

By whether it looks like you are capable of a crime.

The law is not determined

By whether you wanted to pull them over,

Wanted to arrest them

Wanted them to resist

Wanted them to fight back


Wanted to hurt them

Wanted to beat them.


The law is not determined by you.

You are supposed to uphold the law, and keep all those under it.

Not just those of your skin color,

Not just those of your race.

Not just those of your background,

Not just those with a lighter skin tone.


The whole crew,

The entire herd,

Them, me, you.

There are laws to follow.

A set of rules and regulations.

And all fall under it,

Including you.

So uphold it.

I thought we were moving forward.

I thought civil rights, liberties and freedoms have progressed.

Have we really learned so little,

That after countless evidence brought before the law we can’t admit our flaws?


Now I speak to the black and indigenous communities as well as everyone else who has been so mistreated, abused by a system that was supposed to keep them safe.

You should be proud of who you are,

No matter what you look like.

If you’re oppressed, stand prouder.

If you’re discriminated against, stand prouder.

Because you go through so much

That others may never experience.

You go through so much pain,

And some don’t come out.

But stand prouder

So you can overcome the world.

Look back to the civil rights movements and land defending movements throughout North American history

We can identify all the extraordinary progress that has been achieved for oppressed groups 

From the protests led, the groups of diverse people influenced, and the progress that is still being made, it’s easy to say that things are getting better yet we must also realize and become aware of the fact that oppression continues to stand in today’s climate and continues to be faced by various groups of people in either similar or different ways.

Where we see injustice, it must be quenched.

Where we see corruption, it must be squashed.

Where we see the fire of discrimination, the sparks of racism, they must be put out.

Now that the time has come, the appeals have been made. The clock is ticking and the court is being called into session…forward on, justice shall be served.

Today, tomorrow and forth on, our voices, our emotions and our experiences will be seen, heard, sympathized with and recognized.


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