Get something on the page,

anything at all.

Some lyrics in a foreign language

that speak purely to the soul.

For when my mind lags,

trapped under covers

to hide from 

unpleasant understanding,

I’ll speak purely in ciphers

I pray you have codes for.


Get something on the page,

you can make it bearable later.

Take time for yourself and watch

as the bar gets lower and lower.

3 is better than a 0,

but 5 would be ideal,

but a 7 allows satisfaction,

so maybe it’s time to get real.


Get something on the page,

and watch the judgement pass

because it wouldn’t be good enough anyways

and right now you can’t surpass

all the useless expectations

that dictates your worth in class.


Get something on the page,

until you can’t read your own words

because excuses won’t be tolerated

and there’s no need for your concerns.


Get something on the page,

for the simple price of your lungs and bloodied brain.


Get something on the page.




Zen Vaillancourt

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