Racism isn’t a political view, and cannot be justified. Racism is something that is systematic and deeply ingrained. Having hate in your heart because of the colour of someone’s skin does not deserve compassion, forgiveness, understanding or empathy in any way.


As someone who has been a victim of racial profiling and someone who has lost a friend at the hands of police brutality, it upsets me to hear from Canadians that racism doesn’t exist in Canada. Racism and hatred against Black and Indigenous people is not a new phenomenon. North America was built on this. In fact, we literally exist on stolen land. 


Just because you’ve had the privilege of never having had experienced racism does not mean that it doesn’t exist. One has to be self-aware of how fortunate they are to not be in the position to experience such discriminatory circumstances and the many other aspects of racism that come in pursuit. You cannot believe something that you actively choose to ignore. The responsibility to change systems that oppress should not fall on the ones being oppressed. 


Pretending that racism doesn’t exist by creating and engaging with sayings such as “I don’t see colour” do not help the cause. Canadians need to do better because If you ignore the problem you are part of the problem.


Being Black right now is nothing short of overwhelming. It’s been hard to articulate all the emotions black individuals  have been feeling and it’s even harder to express these feelings when coming to the realisation that these feelings are not new and racism is becoming even more prevalent in today’s society. 


And so, with that being said, to all the non-poc, remind yourselves to be reflective. When you come across examples shared by Black voices, do not take it as a personal attack. Instead, take the time to listen and further amplify said voices.


– Black Author of the Month


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