​​He- who lives as if to die tomorrow. He- who enjoys every moment of his breath as if it was a gift. He- who is never able to stay feeling guilty for more than five minutes or maybe a day- at most. He- who has learned to let go of things he could have held on to. He- who has mastered being in his own world, leaving the world to never understand him. He- who knows everything but doesn’t put the effort to teach the world. He- who prefers to step back from his way and just be an observer of the world. He- who always keeps his circles small. He-who is never understood and he who is never bothered to explain himself. He- who was able to let go of everything at once. He- who has taken pieces of hearts from those who adored him. He- who decided to watch the world from above. He- who always seemed to be happy. He- who has shown me to be filled with love and also him who has shown me how it feels to be ‘unloved’. He- who has turned me against the one I thanked my entire life. Against the one, I had faith in. He- who has drowned me in a sea of disappointment and loneliness even though he knows I can’t swim. He- who set a fire inside me. He- my eyes long to see. He- my face longs a heartfelt laugh from his jokes. He- my arms long to hug. He- who my hands long to shake with whenever I am achieving something. He- my ears long to hear his sweet supportive words whenever I felt like I am in darkness. He- who has put me in the most darkness. He- my heart longs to feel safe and guided. He- who has taught me to never trust ‘forevers’. He- who has taken me out of my world- the world I thought would always be by my side. The world- I thought would always make me happy. The world I was deeply grateful to be in. The world I wanted to live in…He- who has shut my mind and mouth for a while. The while- I will try to shorten by describing him in hopes of understanding what he decided or maybe what the universe has favored on me.   




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