In the carefully curated magical world, everything is always perfect and placed color coordinated, with flattering lighting. The houses are cavernous and every kitchen has a well-placed basket of neatly piled fresh fruits. Manicures are never chipped and lattes are drunk on a pretty marble slab. It’s an ideal place but sometimes this is not what we truly desire. For me this kind of life has to wait, I take pride in what I have and not actually some fairy tale mansion and the fancy lifestyle we are all expected to have and get graded based on where we come from, such that at times when you are not privileged to come from a rich background, then you are considered imperfect. 

Born and raised up in the countryside, Briana finally got out of her little bubble, and off she found herself in the big city all in search of the American dream. She had never been to the city before and this was it, the moment she could outshine her dream and be the girl her mother never was! She had applied for a modeling agency and finally, she got a slot in one of the biggest agencies in the United States. Life in a new place always has a thing to do with change and that was the same thing with Briana. She, however, convinced herself that change doesn’t always have to be epic. 

I have learned that even the tiniest positive changes that have rippled through my life, have actually made a difference. While it’s not always possible to be happy, I’ve realized I can always make an effort to see the bright side of things. That minor change in perspective has helped lighten up not just my life, but also the lives of those around me too. Briana struggled through the first series of changes and every experienced she had, watered down to her imperfections. Her body wasn’t the right kind of shape the agency needed, some would say, her eating habits were way too out of the ordinary, her taste in clothes brand was under-rated, her way of speech was considered uneducated and her skin shade was a rare kind in her new world and her differences finally outweighed her similarities with other people and she tried every brand-new day to deal with her imperfections but these efforts bored no fruits. She would cry to herself each night lying on the floor hopelessly waiting to give up all she had worked hard for because she didn’t fit in the society and the theory of self-worth was no longer valued. Her dream again shattered into a million broken pieces. 

She had no hope to reflect and recollect her broken pieces because self-worth posits that an individual’s main priority in life is to find self-acceptance and that self-acceptance is often found through achievement, in that competing with others can help us feel like we have impressive achievements under our belts which then make us feel proud of ourselves and enhance our acceptance of ourselves. This was in Briana’s cup of life. Life had taken a different turn as it seemed the road led nowhere. What seemed amiss to her is that nobody gave her shoulders to lean on. It was the same society she was trying hard enough to fit in. Everybody was always busy doing one or two things and they always seemed to wonder why Briana was so imperfect, some people reached out to her and questioned how she was able to get the scholarship ability. 

Briana in her own doomed shape, decided one morning to seek guidance and counseling from one of the offices in town. Lucky enough, she got a kind lady in her late fifties, wearing glasses and seeming very tough and the sort of person who has never smiled all her life. Briana expressed herself to the lady and quiet after some struggle the two were on the same page. Dr. Louise, as suggested by the name written on her door, was kind enough to identify with Briana and slowly they walked down the path together as she tried to build up her distorted self-worth. Briana learned that she didn’t need to deal with her imperfections, instead she needed to look at them in a new light and see that they make you perfect and she had only to look beyond her imperfections and enjoy the beauty of her creation. 

After a few months of therapy, Briana had her old self again and at this point she had her dream revived, or rather, reborn. She was ready to have it no matter what her imperfections were and my own view seemed to match the sense that she embraced herself. It wasn’t long before they were to have a runway show to a large audience. These performances were the determinant of her career and as everybody tried very hard to look perfect, Briana thought on how to express her experience during her performance and she eventually got the dress, a gift she would call it. A dress of dreams. A dress that gave her the confidence and courage she hoped for. She slid it on, it flowed down the length of her body, slipping around every contour. Slowly, she strode across the stage. The sea of eyes looked back at her. Her tongue caught. The words were gone. The room grew restless, then the words began to flow, but they sought of seemed to be under a spell. 

Amour Thuch

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